Image Systems Group collects and processes personal data when we interact with a number of different external parties and persons, for example if you apply for a job, if you are a business contact or if you visit us.

Image Systems Group protects your integrity and takes care to protect the personal data being processed. The Group's processing of personal data is in accordance with applicable data protection laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the “GDPR” (as well as national adaptations of this regulatory framework) aiming to the protection of the integrity of individuals in processing their personal data.

The GDPR policy describes how Image Systems Group collects, processes and shares your personal data. Furthermore, information is provided about your rights under the GDPR.

Code of conduct

In today’s global environment, companies are an important part of the process of creating sustainability and enhancing ethical business conduct. Image Systems Group is very supportive of these efforts and encourages this development. For Image Systems Group, to be a responsible company means to behave ethically in all aspects of business, to care for the environment, to set good examples in the way we act towards each other as employees and the way we treat our business partners, and to always respect laws and regulations wherever we do business. Image Systems Group is highly dependent on the international market, and also on gaining support from its domestic customers. To be successful there is a clear requirement that we are, and are perceived as, a reliable partner to our customers wherever they are.

Information Policy

Image Systems Group's information shall be characterized by an open, clear and distinct communication with all stakeholders. The goal is to promote the Group's operations through well-functioning communication.

In its external information, Image Systems Group shall:

  • Provide essential information in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ensure the reliability of the information by maintaining specific channels and routines for communication
  • Meet the requirements of law, ordinance or listing agreement and comply with applicable stock market rules and good practice
  • Treat all stock market players and stakeholders equally