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Our financial information aims to be open, relevant and accurate in order to raise awareness of the Group´s activities and share. In this section you will find current information about our share, financial reports, presentations and other investor related information.


Annual General Meeting: 8 May 2024

Interim report January-June 2024: 19 July 2024

Interim report January-September 2024: 8 November 2024

Full year report January-December 2024: 7 February 2025

Image Systems Group as an investment

Image Systems Group has a unique opportunity to take the position as a Center of Excellence, a medium-sized global measurement technology group, by offering high-tech products in niche markets in non-contact measurement technology.

Our strenghts

1. Favorable global trends

The ongoing trend towards increased digitization is favorable for Image Systems Group. Data forms the basis for digitization. Being able to handle large amounts of data to increase quality and efficiency in processes is the key to success. This requires measurement systems that measure and evaluate large amounts of data in smart ways. The results form the basis for decisions that can streamline operations.

2. Good growth opportunities in niche markets

With two business areas, Image Systems Group operates in different niche markets with good growth opportunities. Organic growth can come through geographical spread and by expanding the product range in nearby areas. As the market consist of a number of smaller players, there are good opportunities for consolidation and acquisitions of smaller companies with a niche offering.

3. Technology at the forefront

Image Systems Group develops products and solutions at the forefront in an organization that is characterized by a strong drive for innovation. Development of new product generations is ongoing at the same time as older products are being phased out.
The IP strategy decided by the group is to strive to be in the fore-front of technology and protect our IP by software control.

4. Growing share of recurring income

The implementation of a new business model is ongoing. The aim is to achieve a larger share of recurring revenue, to get a more even income development. In the long run, the subscription-based business model will also improve profitability.

Investor Relations contact

Johan Friberg

CEO Image Systems Group


Tel: +46 709 65 05 57