Image Systems' business area RemaSawco receives order from a nordic sawmill at an order value of 7,9 MSEK

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RemaSawco AB has signed an agreement with a nordic sawmill to upgrade the saw line and green sorting at a total order value of 7,9 MSEK.

The agreement involves modernization of the sawmill by upgrading and/or replacing older systems that have reached the end of their expected lifespan. The order includes, among other things, the RS-SawLine control system for the saw line including equipment for increased machine safety and a new operator control station. In addition, the saw line will be equipped with the log scanner RS-3DLog-3SC together with the optimization system RS-Opt, the control system RS-Con, a system for open face measurement, RS-Line and a semi-automatic measurement correction system. The green sorting will be equipped with a new board scanner of the model RS-BoardScannerD.

Training of the customer's own personnel will be carried out at the customer's location.

Delivery and commisioning is planned for 2024.

"It is always great when a customer chooses to upgrade by selecting RemaSawco again. It is a strong indication of how well our products perform out there and it gives us energy to continue working for the common good of our customers"

Says Emilien Saindon, CEO of RemaSawco.

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