Image Systems' business area RemaSawco receives an order of approx. 2.7 MSEK from Sweden Timber

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RemaSawco offers the most complete solution for measuring and sorting timber in sawmills' measuring stations. The logs' dimension are measured with high precision and all functions of the measuring station are managed through RemaSawco's certified system for Swedish measurement.

In Sweden Timber's sawmill Malmbäck, there are two saw lines and two planing lines. However, the process begins with sorting the timber and that is where Sweden Timber now chooses to upgrade and modernize the older systems with new ones from RemaSawco. A major change will be that pattern sorting will now be introduced directly at the measuring station, which is not the case at the moment.

The agreement includes the RS-715 control system, the RS-FlexCon operator chair, the RS-LogScanner 3D measuring frame and the RS-Opt system for pattern sorting.

"We are really pleased that Sweden Timber once again chooses RemaSawco to ensure maximum efficiency in its sawmills. It always feels extra good when you get renewed trust and we value our good relationship with Sweden TImber"

says CEO of RemaSawco, Emilien Saindon.

Delivery and commissioning will take place in the spring of 2023.

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