Image System's nomination committee and annual general meeting 2023

Press Release – Regulatory

In accordance with the decided principles for the appointment of a nomination committee at Image Systems', it is hereby announced that the company's major owners has appointed a nomination committee with chairman of the board Anders Fransson as convener.

The selection committee includes:

  • Hans Karlsson, appointed by Tibia Konsult AB
  • Thomas Wernhoff, own holding
  • Hans Malm, own holding

The nomination committee has appointed Hans Karlsson as its chairman.

In accordance with the AGM's decision, the nomination committee shall evaluate the board's composition and work and make proposals for the 2023 AGM regarding:

  • election of the board and chairman of the board
  • selection of auditor (in collaboration with the audit committee)
  • remuneration to the board and auditors
  • election of the chairman of the annual general meeting
  • where applicable, change of principles for appointing a future election committee

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the election committee can send an e-mail to (heading "To the nomination Committee") or a letter to Image Systems Valberedningen, Image Systems AB, Snickaregatan 40, 582 26 Linköping, no later than January 31, 2023.

Shareholders who wish to have the matter dealt with at the Annual General Meeting must submit such a proposal to the chairman of the board (at the same address as above) no later than March 22, 2023, so that the proposal can be included in the call for the meeting.

For further information:

Hans Karlsson, chairman of the nomination committee, 070-787 39 51

Anders Fransson, chairman of the board, 070-738 52 51

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