Image Systems Motion Analysis

Image Systems Motion Analysis develops software for motion analysis of high-speed applications in defense, aviation and the automotive industry, among others. The company is world-leading in its niche through the in-house developed product lines TEMA and TrackEye.

Image Systems Motion Analysis' vision is to be second to none in enabling fast measurement results with high accuracy.

The company's offering is high-end solutions for non-contact measurement,  predominantly using images as an information carrier. Delivering both software as standalone products and coupled with hardware systems, such as industrial and high-speed cameras, 3D scanners, radars, optical tracking systems, data acquisition and other measurement devices existing on the market.

Image Systems Motion Analysis has been on the motion analysis market for test and measurement for almost 40 years and is today world-leading in its niche. The core products are based around the proprietary software suites TrackEye and tema, which are used to import images and other test data, perform analysis based on image processing, tracking object movements in pixels of each image, process computation, and export results of how objects in the images are behaving. The customer base is primarily found in industries like car companies, world-wide defense organizations, universities, medical companies, and many others and among the customers you find NASA, Tesla and Ford.

The company headquarters is in Sweden and contains the core research and development team. The global market is supported by the company’s service centers which are globally spread in strategic and central countries such as Sweden (HQ), China, France, Israel and the US. Other locations are supported by experienced partners.


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