Business Management


Peter Johansson, CEO and Managing Director RemaSawco

CEO since January 18, 2016 and Managing Director RemaSawco since April 1, 2016. Peter has a Master of Science degree in engineering. He has a background as Business Unit manager Industry at Schneider Electric, Managing Director Schneider Electric Buildings Sweden AB, Executive Vice President at Enea AB and several Managing Director positions within the Enea group. Prior to this he was President of Emerson Energy Systems in China and Managing Director at Ericsson Simtek Electronics in China.

Shareholding: 20 000 shares and 1 338 117 warrants 2016/2019.



Klas Åström, CFO

Klas joined the company in October 2008. Prior to Image Systems Klas had top management positions in a number of Swedish listed companies. Klas holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Stockholm.

Shareholding: 100 000 via companies and 200 000 warrants 2016/2019.



Johan Friberg, MD Motion Analysis

Johan joined Image Systems in November 2011. Prior to Image Systems, Johan had different management positions within the Swedish defence group Saab, latest as head of marketing and sales for Saab Barracuda. Johan holds a MSc in Materials Engineering from the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine.

Shareholding: 200 000 warrants 2016/2019.