Board of Directors

Thomas Wernhoff

Thomas Wernhoff

Chairman of the board since May 2012. Former Marketing Manager of ASEA STAL (now within ABB) and since 1987 in the Private Equity Industry. Initially in Euroventures as CEO & Partner and later he co-founded Accent Equity Partner. Since 2006 Wernhoff devotes his time to private investments. He also serves as industrial advisor for Swedfund International AB and as board member for several non-listed companies. Education: MSc. Shareholding: 793 812 privately and via Horninge AB.

Ingemar Andersson

Ingemar Andersson

Member of the board since May 2011, chairman of the board between May 2011 and May 2012 (and of Image Systems Sweden since 2010). Former Deputy CEO of Saab AB, owner of consultancy company with focus on business development, strategy, marketing and management issues for Swedish and international industry.
Education: Several management courses, Major in the Swedish Army Reserve. Other board assignments: Chairman of the board for Partnertech Karlskoga AB and Protaurius AB. Shareholding: 29 980


Örjan Johansson

Member or the board since June 2015. Education: MSc. Other board assignments include: Chairman of the board in Hövding Sverige AB, Trivector System AB, Spiideo AB. Chairman of the board and owner in BluWise AB. Member of the board in Crunchfish AB, Svep Holding AB samt Zaplox AB. Shareholding: 52 000

Ulrika Hagdahl

Master of Science Engineering Physics, Royal Institute of Technology. Board member since 2016. Founder of Orc Software AB, Head of Development Orc Software 1987-1990, President and CEO Orc Software AB 1990-2000. Other assignments: Member of the board of HiQ and Beijer Electronics AB. Shareholding: 0

Jan Swedin

Engineer, Ahréns University of Rapid Growth. CEO of IT Gården i Landskrona AB. Founder of IT Gården i Landskrona AB and Inyett AB. Other assignments:  Member of the board of Rögle BK (icehockey), Jojka Communication AB and a number of non-listed companies. Shareholding: 0